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Me just living life
There is good in every day you just have to find it!

I guess in my head i imagine this confident fierce version of myself unphased by what anyone thinks. Out with the old & in with the new, they said it would be easy 3 days in and still havent made it to the gym or meal prepped or scheduled that new date with a friend. I said i'd be different this year, i'd be better than i ever was funny thing is i don't feel any better i don't feel any less stressed. Acknowledging these things i chose to ignore in the past well maybe it's the first step. Being honest with myself doing something for myself with out being glorifed by others. Doing something hard when thing's don't feel good but trusting that everything will come full circle and simply having faith and excepting not having control is gaining control of my happiness.

Finish This Sentence This Year I Am Finally Going To ______________.

Enjoying this beautiful day at the park
Get some sun shine and move your body!

Stress relief bubble bath ritual: 20min -30min HOT BUBBLE BATH

Bubble Bath or Bath Bomb

Cup Epsom Salt

20 Drops Lavender Essiential Oil


Lofi Hip Hop ( No Phone / Declutter Your Mind)

Cup Hot Lavender & Chamomile Tea

Because bubble baths are self care

Adulting Is Hard Take A Bubble Bath & Drink Some Hot Tea

Hot tea warms your soul

Benefits of journaling in 2022 :

Reduce stress & anxiety - writing your emotions down on paper can help relieve stress, confront issues, and solve problems head on. It can help you release negative thoughts from your mind, unclutter your brain and create a form of internal theraphy. ( Try doing this every 2-3 days & see how you feel. )

Incorporate fruits & veggies into you every day diet

What Can Healthy Self Care Look Like In 2022:

Maintain healthy friendships & relationships - Get honest with yourself and communicate you should feel heard and have your needs and expectaions met.

Boost your mood & energy with a simple smoothie

Balanced diet /Exercise regularly - Reduce stress levels, feel good from the inside out, regularly get sun, try working out 3 days a week for 20mins take a walk or hike.

Eat nutritious foods eat good feel good, boost your mood & energy. Lastly create a consistent sleep schedule practice relaxation and try different teas or meditation before bed.

Have a beautiful day my friends

Feel free to leave a comment below thank you for taking the time to read and don't forget to subscribe for upcomming blogs have a beautiful day!

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