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Ash Roc Beauty Supply Is A Candle Business Based In Austin Texas

About Us

Hey ya'll my name is Ashley Mitchell, i was born and raised in Austin Texas and i am passionate about my business and i absolutely love what i do!

"I always say i didn't choose the candle life, it chose me".

This business has given me a healthy outlet to express myself and spread love and happiness through my handmade products which are created with only the best skin safe natural vegan ingredients with lot's of love. My product's touch my hands from start to finish i even package every order myself.

When i started this business it was important for me to give back i chose mental health awareness and suicide prevention non- profits because it hit close to home and even if starting a simple conversation about the taboo topic raises questions i feel like a little light is being shed on a really important issue.

I've  always been a entrepreneur at heart and had big dreams. I had my first job at 14 and i knew i would do whatever it takes to find something i love and hopefully spread a little love and sunshine along the way.

I have been in business since 2017 and have goals to grow, expand, spread happiness, stress relief and mental health awareness with our products.

I do everything myself from website creation, to product creation, to marketing and running our social media. It's all me and i am so proud and appreciative to be able to share what i love with you all, so thank you so much for your love and support i hope you become part of our Ash Roc Family and continue to grow with us!

Love Ash,

Local Austin Farmers Market

Mental Health America 2020


Austin Club House 2021




Austin Club House 2023

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