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9oz Luxury Double Wick Cotton Soy Candle

9oz Luxury Double Wick Cotton Soy Candle

These luxury 9oz highly scented soy candles will give you all the smell good candle feels and are hand poured small batch to perfection create a relaxing and cozy atmosphere in any living space.


Choose Your Scent Below:

  • Vanilla & Bourbon - comforting vanilla bean rounded out with a hint of bourbon.


  • Black Sea - calming oceanic scent with notes of amber.


  • Sandal Wood Amber - complex and sophisticated earthy and woody scent with light notes of amber.


  • Black Currant & Jasmine - elegant blend of jasmine black tea plum and amber.


  • Lavender White Sage - calming blend of herbs lavender, chamomile, wood and sage a clean herbal earthy scent.


  • Grapefruit Mint Green Tea - ripe fresh grapefruit scent with light notes of herbal green tea and mint.


  • Peppermint & Eucalyptus - Sweet fresh peppermint with light undertones of eucalyptus for a refreshing spa like scent.


  • Rose & White Tea - romantic red rose, lily of the valley and  calming white tea.


  • Magnolia & Peony - a complex floral powerhouse with notes of magnoila, peony, freesia, powder and light amber. 


  • Sea Salt & Orchid - elegant soft jasmine, lilies and light salty highlights.


  • Brown Sugar Fig - romantic warm embrace of caramelized brown sugar fig and light amber.


  • Mango & Coconut Milk - luscious fresh mango and creamy coconut.


  • Cactus Flower & Jade - bright lively fragrance with notes of succulent, cactus flower, aloe and patchouli.


  • Lavender Egyptian Amber - alluring woody fragrance with bold lavender, amber and musky notes.


  • Sandalwood Lavender -  Classic fresh lavender  with light notes of camphor, eucalyptus and earthy woody sandalwood.


  • Cucumber & Clover - ripe freshly picked cucumbers with light notes of basil and green leaves.


  • Palo Santo & Mahoganhy - is a calming and cleansing masculine scent with notes of palo santo, wood and amber.


  • Coffee & Cream - freshly brewed coffee beans with a hint of cream.


Every candle is handmade small batch style with lots of love and care these candles have an amazing scent throw and gradually smell better the more they are burned.


Burn Time: 35-40 hours.


Ingredients: Soy wax, Cotton wicks, phthalate free fragrance oil.

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