Apophyllite Cluster Crystal

Apophyllite Cluster Crystal

A stone of high vibrations of light.
Connected mainly to the crown chakra, also helping balance the whole chakra system, bringing light and high vibrations to the aura.

A great stone for anxiety and nervousness calming down and stabilisingthe nervous system. This crystal absorbs toxins and negativity and easing stress

It’s high vibrational field of light helps assist in clearing stress anxiety fear worry.
Apophyllite is known to help bring clarity and calmness to the mind bringing order to a chaotic mind.
It is also known that this stone is a Reiki stone that AIDS attunement to the energies and aids a response to healing

Stimulating the pineal gland it can increase intuition, meditation, insights and visions.
Assisting us to connect with the higher realms of light.

Buried in the ground or place near crops zero light benefits agriculture and gardening.


DISCLAIMER: Crystals are great for meditating, reiki, energy healing work, even for decoration. They are not meant to substitute for traditional medical treatment nor used to treat any type of illness.