Tropical Rose Paradise Bath Bomb+Hemp Oil

Tropical Rose Paradise Bath Bomb+Hemp Oil

Our 10oz  Tropical Rose Paradise Bath Bomb smells of coconut bliss and will give you all the calm and relaxing feels.


Roses may vary meaning there may be rose petals or a single red rose.


Infused with real roses and skin nourishing avacado oil she bubbles and fizzes creating a fun relaxing spa like oasis in the comfort of you bath tub.


These babes are  hand made with love and is filled with skin nourishing smell and feel good  ingredients.


Ingredients: Dried flowers, 100% herbal natural hemp extract, baking soda, citric acid, 100% natural kaolin clay, 100% avacado oil, phthalate free high quality fragrance, all natural essiential oils, sodium laureth sulfate, polysorbate, alcohol, batch certified fda all natural colorants, micas