Spice Up Your Candle Sex Life!

Updated: Feb 25

let's get personal for a minuet and talk about sex! I'm sure we can all agree it's fun to spice up thing's in the bed room and it is often times needed. Here's a simple fun way using candles to set an entire vibe. Firstly setting a romantic mood to get sexually aroused is partly mental so setting the mood is important when you want to have sex, so you need to make an effort to create a romantic setting to get you both anticipating love making. So now that we have that out of the way, here are a few fun ways to spice up your sex life.

Candle wax massage - Scent is the language of sexuality certain smells can stir your emotions and feelings they have a huge impact on the brain and can be irresistible to the opposite sex when you use them as massage oils. Indulge In a one on one personal and intimate wax massage.

Candles lit bubble bath - creating a romantic bath is a opportunity to create relaxation and intamcy with a partner. Use items from around the home or bought from stores to create passion in your bathroom let the candle light create a nice ambiance along with a few personal additional touches my personal favorite rose petals and bath salt.

Candles and wine - the ultimate romantic duo, pick out a few of your favorite wines light a few candles along side a home cooked meal craft something truly personal and passionate don't forget to save room for the chocolate covered strawberries.

Now lets get this show on the road and have fun spicing up your sex life!

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